Since High School:

First, let me back up to how Sue & I met. It was 1964 “Back to
School Hop”, when I asked my good buddy Kimbo Reuckert to
introduce me to that pretty blond, Sue Berglund. So we
danced and I finally got the courage to give her a kiss on the
neck to see what kind of response I would get. Well it turns
out Sue told her girlfriends to watch out that Teach guy is a
heavy sweater, and got her neck all wet, great first impression.

Anyway, as for college, Sue’s parents did not want us going
to the same college, so we got them by me going to
Monmouth College (Illinois) and she went to Western Illinois
Univ., about 30 miles apart, which they did not realize until
they took Sue to college and drove through Monmouth to get
to Western. Needless to say they were not too pleased. We
tried to get married after our freshman year, but the parents
said no, you’re just friends! But just before senior year, we
said either you let us or we’ll elope. So we married in 1970.
Sue quit college to help support me, by working at the
telephone company as an operator. I graduated in 1970. My
first job was teaching physical ed. at Maine East high school.
In 1973 I transferred to go old Palatine High to teach there for
8 years. I was the Head track coach and freshman football
coach. During this time Sue and I had two beautiful boys, Jeff
and Brian, now 35 and 33 respectively. Sue was the perfect
Mom giving her heart and soul to those boys, so that they
had everything two kids could want.

In 1981 I left teaching to take up my current job, financial
advisor with Merrill Lynch. In 1998 we decided most of our
friends still had little kids to take to soccer, basketball, etc.;
and they did not have much time for us and we got tired of
the winters in Chicago, so we moved to Palm City Florida! It’s
just 45 miles north of West Palm Beach, Florida. This is where
Sue found her calling. We live in a golf course gated
community with 302 homes. She got into real estate, got her
broker’s license, and formed Piper’s Landing Real Estate
company. She has been one of the top producing brokers in
Martin County for the last 3 years!! This, for a gal that hardly
knew how to turn on a computer was amazing!  She does all
her own marketing and advertising and selling. She has found
something that she really loves, besides me of course. We
love Florida. I still work, but play a lot of golf in various
tournaments all around South Florida. (5 Time Club Champ)

Our boys are very busy. Jeff or as we call him JD, is a
personal trainer with his girlfriend, Christa. They live together
in Falls Church, Virginia. They have been together for 10
years and maybe one day get married and have lots of kids!!
Their company, Breakaway Fitness is doing really well and
they love it. They both fish, bike and hike and travel a lot.
Christa competed in the Olympics in Athens for the Greek
softball team. JD, after a successful college career, 4 Big Ten
Shot Put titles and 2 time All American titles, has found
himself running marathons in his spare time. He competed in
the Boston marathon and did it in 3 hours 7 minutes. He too
was scheduled to participate in the Atlanta Olympics in
weightlifting, until he developed a pinched nerve and had to
drop out. Brian, what can I say about Brian, he is 6’4”, blond
and amazingly handsome. After various career changes, in
February 2006, he called us up and said he was going to do
something really crazy, join the Army! We were really thrown
for a loop. But he loves it and wants to get into Special
Forces and clean up the world! He can do it! I just hope Mom
and Dad can survive the thought of him at war. We have a
new found respect for the military. They are highly trained
and make sacrifices mere mortals could not do. In your
travels, if you see a solider, please stop and say thanks for all
that they do for us, they really need your support!

We look forward to all the Reunions and seeing all our great
friends. Sue & I continue to love each other more every day &
love reminiscing about our PTHS days! Go Pirates!! Class of
67 is still the BEST!
Sue Berglund Teach and
Jeff Teach