Greetings from Colorado!  

I plan to attend the 45th reunion and hope
to visit with you there.

My husband and I live in Arvada,
Colorado.  I am a dentist in an area called
Cherry Creek in Denver.  My husband Rob
is part-time glass artist, part-time
receptionist in my office, all-around
maintenance man at home, and a great

To live in Colorado means loving the
mountains and outdoor activities.  We rock
climb every weekend.  Rob built a camper
for his Toyota truck so we can camp and
drive to less accessible climbing areas.  I
started walking half marathons a couple of
years ago.  I have completed 10 half
marathons.  We still ski, but not as often.  
This past Memorial Day we drove to Zion
National Park and climbed and hiked there.

I graduated from Knox College in
Galesburg, IL, with a BA in chemistry.  I
worked as an environmental chemist for
Gates Rubber Company and as an
organic characterization specialist for
Eastman Kodak, both in Colorado.  I left
Colorado briefly to earn my degree in
Dentistry from Loyola University, whose
medical / dental campus was in Maywood,
Illinois.  I returned to Colorado, married
Rob in Aspen, Colorado, and still work full
Peggy Swanson Culbertson
Rob and Peggy celebrating
their anniversary in the
Grand Canyon