Since High School:

I received a degree in Education from the
Univ. of Colorado in 1971.  I married Doug
Porter in 1974.  Our son Matthew was born
in 1976 and is now married and living in
Carlsbad CA.  He graduated from Harvey
Mudd College with a degree in engineering
and is now a Senior Computer Engineer.  
Our daughter Andrea was born in 1980
and is also married and lives in Broomfield,
CO.  She has a masters degree in
Education and is a Special Ed Teacher.  

I have continued throughout the years
raising funds for not-for-profit
organizations including Boulder County
Safehouse, Emergency Family Assistance,
and Blue Sky Bridge (a center to help
abused children and their families).  

In my free time I enjoy traveling with my
family and of course I enjoy all the many
activities the state of Colorado has to
Sally Stahmer Porter
Sally and Doug Porter