Since High School:

I went to NIU after High School and graduated with a BA in
1972.  It was there I meet my wife, Ann, who also graduated
in 1972.  We were married in 1974 and lived first in Palatine
and later Arlington Heights.  I worked in retail management
for about 10 years and then landed a job with the US Postal
Service in Ottawa, Illinois, where my wife grew up.  We moved
to a nearby farm town called Grand Ridge, where we still live

I clerked and carried mail for 7 years before moving back into
management where I became Post Master in our little town in
1990.  I hope to retire in the next two or three years and do
gardening and woodworking.  Ann and I have two grown
children, Kerri (28 years old, a Funeral Director) and Katie
(24 years old with a BS degree in Audio Engineering).  To
the surprise of both my wife and me, both girls have recently
chosen to enlist in the Army and are now serving in Virginia
(Kerri) and Germany (Katie).  Both expect to be deployed
later this year.  We are worried of course but also very proud
of the people our girls have grown into.  
Ronald Robinson