Since High School:

When last seen, your classmate was teaching Spanish at
our Alma Mater.  Well, not now.

I semi-retired from teaching in June, 2003.  Thirty-three
years in the same job!  It wasn't anywhere as boring as it
sounds.  I then taught at Roosevelt University for a
semester and substituted at PHS and Schaumburg.  I've
also been doing testing for Spanish and English as a
Second language in the district.  I'm still looking for my
next long-term career move.

I have been chair of the Hispanic Ministries Board at 1st
Methodist on Plum Grove Rd for the past seven years.  
We've run a food pantry, a clothing closet and social
services for many years.  Last year we had Polish and
Russian clients.  The demographics of Palatine have
changed a lot since we were seniors at PHS.

My darling daughter, Nona Katherine Caroline [PHS 2003]
graduated from Illinois State University this past May. She
carried a 4.0 in her field.  She has an assistance-ship and
a stipend from ISU for her graduate work.  We are all very
thrilled.  She is studying to become a clinical psychologist.

My nephews Grant (Georgia's son), Michael  and Tim
(Maggie's boys) also are PHS alums.

My dad, Pete the Plumber, changed a water heater by
himself at age 85.  Not a good idea.  Therefore, my
sisters and I retired him.  He graciously agreed to move in
with me as I offered to cook dinners and do laundry for
him (and I can keep him away from the tools).  He turned
87 in June.

My sister Dixie and I have taken up millinery.  We have
our first show in September. (Her son will graduate from
Oshkosh HS.  Unbelievable.)

Pete and I are thinking of moving next spring.  We live in a
Winston Park tri-level and are ready to move into a one-
story house (schlepping water heaters is not easy on the
joints and all those years of dance classes have caught
up with my knees).

It's rather startling to realize we were teen-agers forty
years ago!  We've gone from listening to our parents 78s
to buying our vinyl 45s (first released in 1949 by  RCA
Victor), then eight tracks, then cassette tapes, then CDs
and now iPods.  We've heard it all.  Damn, we're good!  

The question is not, "Why did this happen to me?", but
"What am I supposed to learn from this?

Updated since our 40th Reunion:

I retired from Palatine High School in 2003 after more
than three decades of teaching Spanish and English as a
Second Language.  Following my retirement, I did several
long-term substitute assignments at PHS and
Schaumburg HS.  Now I do district-wide testing of English
as a 2nd Language students.  When not testing, I am an
organizer for the Pantry Project at my church.  We collect
basic food stuffs on a weekly basis for donation to the
Palatine Township Food Pantry.  

My daughter, Nona, graduated in May from Illinois State
University with an MA in Psychology and is busy sending
out resumes for a Clinical Counseling position.  In the
meantime, she’ll be a teaching assistant at Schaumburg
HS in the Special Ed department.

As one of the Piratettes ’67, I help schedule our monthly
most excellent adventures.  Throughout 2009, from the
first birthday [Dec. 25 ‘08] until the last one [Dec. 29 ‘09]
we celebrated our 60th every month.  That’s a lot of

During Viet Nam, I sent boxes to friends serving over
there.  I have kept this tradition going with the current
war.  I have sent packages monthly to former PHS
students who have served in Iraq, Korea, Kuwait and
Afghanistan.  Right now, I’m sending boxes to a Methodist
chaplain who is also a tribal king in Ghana.  Several of the
Piratettes ’67 keep me supplied with items for the boxes.  
We’re an awesome group!

I enthusiastically enjoyed my Five Dozen in ’09!
Kate Philippe
The Piratettes
Back row: Sue Rutz, Marilyn
Rennack Meller, Cynthia Stibgen
Berntzen and Melinda Breit Rydin

Middle Row: Linda Meadors and
Kathy Kohring Nauertz

Front Row: Ann McConachie and
Kate Philippe

Sorry I missed all you at the 45th, but I
HAD to go to Hawaii to visit the great-
nephew and great-niece.

I am moving this Fall, 6/10 of a mile from my
present home.  Why?  Going from a tri-
level to a one level house.  Pete, my 92
year old father, isn’t supposed to climb
stairs anymore.  

My daughter, Nona, works for the Peoria
Children’s Home as a clinical therapist. This
year she is based in the performing arts
elementary school.  Eight years of violin [4
of those in the PHS orchestra] made her
the obvious choice for the position.

I still do testing for Dist. 211.  At the
beginning of the school year, I administer
the WAP-T test to new-to-the-district ESL
[English as a Second Language] students,
and right after 1st semester finals, I
administer the ACCESS test to all ESL
students in the district.  Of course I don’t
do the ACCESS alone:  Linda Bowman
Cannon does the ACCESS with me.  
Nancy Jarrett Loring does the ACCESS
also.  A lot of Pirates don’t go very far
from their galleon.

The Piratettes still meet regularly [Katherine
Philippe, Marilyn Rennack Meller, Linda
Bowman Cannon, Melinda Breit Rydin,
Cynthia Stibgen Berntzen, Ann
McConachie, Sue Rutz, Janet O’Leary
Newman {when she can drive in}] for
brunch and the ocassional event.  We
laugh more and hug tighter than before.  
We have a great deal to laugh and hug
about.  Same ‘girls’ as previously, but now
with grandchildren!!!

Scarlet & Gray!!!!