Since High School:

Barb married husband Saad; had daughter
Randa and son Amir (both married) and is
the proud grandmother of Lara (1997) and
Seif (2000).    

Barb is a PhD and works for The American
University in Cairo

Hey Bob, sorry to have missed the 60th.

Our update is mixed. Saad is in his third year
of exile from Egypt, facing legal harassment
here for his democracy work. This past year
he taught at Harvard and Indiana University.
He will be at Drew University this coming
academic year.

Meanwhile, in 2006 I founded and direct a
center for civic engagement and
philanthropy at the American University in
Cairo. Weekend pleasures include taking
grandchildren Lara (12) and Seif (9) to our
olive and grape farm outside the city. our
son Amir and his wife Maca now have
one-year-old Adam and are living in London
where he works for BP Air. This
geographically-challenged family gathers
whenever and wherever we can, most
recently in Athens.

Some of you knew my sister Nancy, who is
remarried to a great guy and remains in
Bloomington, Indiana (where our mother also
lives in a retirement community.)

So as you might infer I spend a lot of time on
airplanes  -- but overall, life is good. Hoping
to reconnect with everyone next time,

Come see me in Cairo!
Barb Lethem Ibrahim
Saad and Barbara
Daughter Randa
with husband
Nabile and
Lara & Seif
Son Amir and Macarena
Russ Mason and Barb Lethem
Ibrahim run into each other in
England in 2013