Since High School:

My husband, Dr. John Rosemond, describes how we met as

"In September of 1967, Wilma (not yet Willie) was one of
1000 or so students who came to hear my band play at
Western Illinois University. In that particular five-some, I
played rhythm guitar and sang lead, no small trick for
someone who has trouble chewing gum and walking a
straight line at the same time. About halfway through our
last set, I noticed this "chick" (excuse me, but that's what we
called women then) looking at me. No, staring at me. I
started playing eye games with her, and she played right
back. Now, this is the absolute truth: After the gig, I put up
my guitar, turned around, and she was gone! I went back to
my dorm room and lay awake trying to remember who she
was standing near so I could perhaps find out who she was.
She tells me she went back to her dorm room, found out my
name, looked me up in the student directory, and decided
right then and there that she wanted to be Wilma
Rosemond. She liked my last name, it seems. She
manipulated an introduction the next day, and it was LOVE
at first meeting!!! We were married 10 months later and as
of July 21, 2007, we will have been married 39 years, and
every year has been better than the last."

Our son Eric is 38 (at this writing -- April, 2007). He flies
corporate jets for a local corporation. He and his wife Nancy
live in Gastonia, about three miles from us, with their three
boys, Jack, Patrick, and Thomas.

Our daughter Amy is 35. She is a homemaker and lives
around the corner from us with her three kids -- two boys -
Connor and Holden - and a girl - Anna Caitlin - who will rule.

We love family get-togethers and currently live in Charlotte,
NC.  My husband's website is
Wilma Herman Rosemond