Since High School:

The quarter century-old Springsteen song “Glory Days” pretty
much says it all in regards to ”High School Harry” Bill Gill.   All
summer long back in ’65 at the outset of our junior year’s still
un-scored-upon-in-conference play,
undefeated varsity football season, the seniors and a couple
of us juniors prepared for the upcoming inaugural season of
the MSL (Mid-Suburban League) in the midst of mosquito-
infested Deer Grove Park.  Thank goodness we went
undetected for this illegal-at-the-time, organized activity.  We
were not only illuminated with the guys’ muscle car headlights
shining on the field but also “pumped-up” by the radios
blaring the Stone’s just-released, now classic rock song,

That place and wonderful time kind of defines where I’ve
come from, and as destiny would have it, still am!  That’s why
both my cell phone and this web-page feature the notes from
that peerless opening guitar rift.  After all, isn’t what we
invariably linked to “where we come from?”

Since 1957, I’ve “come from” exactly where I
am in 2007.  
That means 50 Christmas tree celebrations in the same living
room with mom’s same, now 80-year old Steinway piano.  It’s
the house Ed and Lorraine Gill built in collaboration with dad’s
two “live-in” parents at 1598 Dunbar Road that, through its
past couple decades’ half dozen-plus major overalls, has
become part of what has become known as “McIntosh
Inverness.”  It’s the same Palatine zip code address that my
wife (since 1985) Jody Donnelly from St. Charles and five, 10-
20 year old Gill kids use today.  Other than Fremd’s recently
constructed Edwin and Lorraine Gill Memorial Press Box,
eight 1980-2003 constructed Gill Management, Inc.-owned
and operated Burger King restaurants (locations below), and
about 20 more pounds of gut and maybe the same amount of
“less” hair, not “that much” has changed about Gill since

Following 1971 graduation from Miami of Ohio, along with
Howie Tuttle and Doug Spruance, that “lost decade” of the
‘70’s did feature many changed residences.  They ranged
from various locales throughout MoTown, then Philadelphia,
and then Jacksonville, FL; first selling soap for Procter &
Gamble and subsequently peddling Tylenol pills for Johnson
& Johnson.   My “15 minutes of fame” came thanks to Brian
McCartney’s “young love connection” with President Ford’s
daughter, Susan, at her multiple birthday party celebrations in
early July, 1975 and the following year’s Bicentennial blow-out
at the White House and on the Presidential yacht, Sequoia;
and probably my last New Year’s bacchanalia with the young
Fords’ and Rockefellers’ entourages in the equally
unforgettable Bass family’s lodge at the base of Vail Mountain.

For the past 20-plus years, it’s been all about domestic
“return to reality.”  For me this has been a.k.a. the
remarkable blessings Jody has bestowed upon us… the
generation of Gills to live on Dunbar Road.  They include:
Matt (1986, a junior at Northwestern); Tom (1987, a
sophomore at Vanderbilt); Kyla (1989, a senior at Fremd
heading for either Indiana or Clemson); Joe (1994, attending
Sundling Jr High) and Jeff (1996, attending Marion Jordan
Grade School). Our lively Airedale terrier, Rocky, keeps
training the whole family.  Optimally empowering them and the
26,000-some kindergarten thru 12th graders of their “world
class” school Districts 15 and 211 via working closely with
administrators, teachers, coaches and boards of education,
are where my remaining time priorities will be spent; along
with making sure that the Gill Management, Inc., as well as a
few college bills, are paid.

As many of our amazing ’67 classmates like Kathy Anderson,
John Jensen and Kathy McIntosh-Smith have so prolifically
demonstrated all over the world and around our country
during the past four decades, “giving is the key to living.”   
With whatever remaining time we are blessed with, this, is
hopefully what I intend to do. Only it’ll most likely take place
from that same address mom, dad and the grandparents
established 50 years ago; and, for the past 22 years, that
Jody Gill has so enriched.
Bill Gill
Gill children in 1990's