Since High School:

After graduation I attended the University of
Illinois for two years, before I met and married
Delbert (Del) in 1970.  We have two children,
Jean Lynn Newman Wallen (1972) and William
“Billy” (1978). Jeannie and her husband,
James, have 2 children, Trey (6 yrs) and
Bradlee (4 yrs).  Billy and his wife, Wendy,
have a 6-month-old baby boy, Talan.  Since
both of our children live in Colorado, we spend
lots of quality time with our 3 grandsons.  They
always delight us and I really think they help
keep us young at heart.

From 1972 until 1981 we lived in the Pocono’s
in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  In 1981 we
sold everything we couldn’t fit into a Ryder
truck and moved to Colorado because we
always wanted to live in the mountains.  It was
an adventurous endeavor as we relocated
without jobs, with the two kids in tow, then
ages 6 & 4.  Del, who’s a software engineer,
found employment with Storage Technology
(now part of Sun Microsystems) and I began
my employment at Octagon Systems, working
my way through the ranks to Executive VP.  
During that time I finished my undergraduate
work at Regis University and later received a
Masters of Science in Management, also at
Regis.  In January of 2000 I accepted my
dream job as Director of Human Resources for
Gambro BCT, a medical manufacturing
company.   There’s nothing more rewarding
than working for a company who saves
peoples lives.  If you ever donated blood, or
had a friend or relative receiving therapeutic
aphaeresis, chances are you used our

Del and I are truly blessed with a fabulous
family and thankful for our ability to retire while
we’re still young enough to live the good life.  
Del retired in 2004 and spent most of his time
building our dream home in the mountains of
Colorado.  We sold our house in Denver and I
bought a condo in Lakewood, which was
closer to my job and also closer to the
mountains.  I retired from Gambro in April
2007; we sold the condo and moved
permanently to the mountains.  We thoroughly
enjoy our mountain home, which we designed
and built ourselves.  Believe it or not, I learned
how to do plumbing – not my favorite job – and
electrical wiring.   Every time we turn on a light,
I know that I had something to do with it, which
is quite satisfying.  Now that we’re both retired,
we plan to fish, hike and ride the ATV’s in the
summer and snowshoe, ski and snowmobile in
the winter.  Also on the agenda are a trip to
Europe and Asia, and a cruise to Alaska.   

Although we’re unable to attend the reunion, I
hope that everyone has a great time
reminiscing about our experiences at Palatine
High.  I enjoyed reading all of your bio’s
Linda Dickson Newman
Del and Linda
The Newman Family:

Left is Jeannie and James with
their sons Bradlee and Trey
Center is Billy and Wendy
Right is Del and Linda
Grandma Linda with latest arrival
-- baby Talan