Since High School:

Attended Northern Illinois University, received undergraduate
and graduate degrees in marketing (1971) and business
administration (1972), member and captain of the school’s
NCAA gymnastics team (pommel horse), Sigma Pi fraternity
and most importantly, continued playing drums when time
permitted in local bars… dives!

Post college years, married my long time best friend from
Barrington, Sylvia (University of Illinois graduate), during the
nasty blizzard of January 1979… 29 inches of snow equals
smaller wedding and reception. With her two young boys, I
now had an instant family and have to say… couldn’t have
had better kids, if they had been my own!  

Believe it or not, Sylvia has a Palatine connection, having
worked during high school and college as a car hop
(remember those days) at the old Dog ‘n Suds on Northwest
Highway.  So be nice to her (please), even though she is a
Barrington High School “Bronco” graduate.  

Yes, after college I continued playing drums on most
weekends throughout the Northwest suburbs (and beyond)
with a popular wedding band – named Burtons Bridge – until
early 1990’s. We had a blast! But, the physics of carrying
heavy equipment up and down various venue stairwells finally
took its toll. Let’s just say, it was no “Stairway to Heaven”.    

Sylvia and I have two boys, Philip and Michael, and one
daughter, Cara.

Philip graduated from the University of Montana (Art
Education), is married and lives, hunts and fishes (and works)
in Wisconsin. He and his wife have blessed us with two
beautiful grand kids, Michaela and Tanner.  Michael
graduated from the University of Illinois (History) and the
University of Nebraska (Archeology) and is married and
working as an archaeologist in Seattle, Washington.  Cara
graduated from the School of The Art Institute in Chicago and
is living and creating (working) in Seattle, as well.

Sylvia enjoys teaching reading to elementary students in the
Barrington school district. I continue to be true to my
marketing background “helping companies make things that
sell and sell the things they make”. That’s a Peter F. Drucker
quote, right? Well, if not… it should have been! Have held
various senior level marketing and business development
positions in both petrochemicals (can you say… plastics) and
digital print outsourcing industries. Currently with a large
financial print company headquartered in New York – Bowne
Marketing & Business Communications.     

Residing in downtown Barrington for the past 30 years, we
enjoy traveling and doing local volunteer work. I continue to
remain very active in the United Way, CROP WALK and other
local service organizations.

Looking forward to touching base with old buds!
Dave Chidley
Dave's Grandkids
Dave's Entire Family