Since High School:

I married Dave Rydin, my high school
sweetheart, when I was a senior in college.  We
both graduated from Iowa State University. We
were blessed with five children-three girls and
two boys.  

My oldest daughter, Rachel and her husband,
Justin, are in Utah.  Justin is getting his Master’s
degree in business.  They have one little boy,
Daniel who is 2 years old.   My son Russ is also
in Utah teaching physics and coaching football.  
He plans on moving to the Midwest next year.  
Marta and her husband, Brandon, are living in
Oak Park.  They have a 2 year old boy, Rydin,
and are expecting their second child in
November.  Brandon is gong to medical school
at University of Illinois, Chicago campus, and is
going to become an orthopedic surgeon.
Gretchen is living at home and will probably go
to graduate school next year—she wants to go
to Washington and make a difference working
for children and women.  Alex is in military
intelligence in the US army, and is currently
serving in Hawaii.  He plans on becoming an
accountant or lawyer.  

We are lucky to still have my parents, Heinz and
Gretchen Breit who live in the same house I
grew up in. The picture was taken last Christmas
at their home.  I lost my best friend and husband
of 34 years Christmas Day, 2003, to a massive
stroke, but I am blessed to have my family
surrounding me—especially my grandkids. Dave
and I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints 30 years ago, and I am very active in
my church and work in the temple in Glenview.   I
also work part time, teach piano, scrapbook, and
love to be with my family and go out with

I wish the best to each you and hope that your
lives have been as happy and fulfilling as mine.  
Melinda Breit Rydin
The Rydin Family