Since High School:

I graduated from The University of Wisconsin River Falls in 1971
and immediately started with Andersen Windows in sales.  
Andersen Windows transferred me to Ohio where my wife Pat
(married in 1970) and I lived for 13 years.  Both of our children
Matthew (1973) and Stephanie (1978) were born in Ohio.  While
in Ohio I left Andersen and started my own business in
commercial real estate.

After Ohio we spent a short time in New Jersey with me working
for a New York firm purchasing real estate on the East Coast.  
Tax law changes resulted in this business drying up, and in
1985 we moved to Minneapolis with Oxford Development.  I
managed the St. Paul Office and was part of the Minnesota
World Trade Center development team.  In 1992 Oxford sold it's
US holdings to the successor of Brookfield Development.  A
fellow Oxford employee and I started our own commercial real
estate company in 1992 and eventually sold it to Welsh
Companies in 1995.  Welsh is the largest commercial real estate
company in Minneapolis.  I served as the President until last
year when I decided to get out of the people management side
of the business.  I retired as President of Welsh Companies and
started a real estate investment company with other principles of
Welsh.  I am President now of Welsh Invest and spend my time
investing in commercial real estate for our two funds and for our
own account.

My hobbies include golf, boating and flying.  Pat and I
purchased a winter home in Hilton Head, SC where we now
spend Jan and Feb in an attempt to get out of these Minnesota
winters.  Our son Matthew lives in Minneapolis with his wife and
works with me.  Our daughter Stephanie lives in Des Moines, IA
with her husband and is a morning news anchor for the ABC
affiliate there.
Bob Angleson
Jon French, Stephanie French (Angleson),
Bob, Kristin Austrum Angleson,
Matthew Angleson, Pat Angleson