60th Birthday Party
 on July 31, 2009
Kathy Anderson, Nancy Maddocks
Brown and Jana Martin Baker
Carolyn Bischof Reid and sister Diana
John and Mary Jensen
with Jeff Kressman in middle
Chuck Neilsen, Donna Fischer,
Irv Hahnfeldt, Lynn Kohler Treat
and Chris Green
Kim Rueckert and Jeff Teach
Chuck Neilsen, Doug Sheldon
and Irv Hahnfeldt
John and Jerry Reed
Diane Culpepper Fuqua, Dirk Fuqua
and Janet O'Leary Newberg
Bonnie and Brian Trent
Kathie Funk Cummings, Nancy Crabtree
Robinson, and Donna Fischer
Pam Ramser and son Colbin Erdahl
lead some of the classmates in
"Happy Birthday"
Carolyn Bischof Reid, Buzzie
Bisantz and Bruce Wachelin
Bob Hoffman and Carolyn Bischof Reid
Debbie Clark Minnemeyer and Bill Gill
Diane Culpper Fuqua, Bonnie Skoglund
Brauer, and Janet O'Leary Newberg
Kathy Anderson, Chuck and Pam
Neilsen and Sue Foster Gould
Debbie McLeod Short, Martin Komondoros,
Kevin Roeske and Jo Ann Miner Nelleman